Business depends more now than ever on digital infrastructures and the capabilities of these infrastructures. As we see more and more business rich websites and infrastructures born, there are more vulnerabilities and more ways to exploit them being created. What are your risks? What is your responsibility, and what must you do to meet your responsibilities as a company? As we make more technological advances and depend more on those advances, these questions become considerably more difficult to answer. Our consultants are all experienced in helping businesses answer these questions and construct enforceable policies to empower owners and shareholders to take action to ensure these questions are answered and then appropriately addressed.


The general conception is that security is too expensive and it impedes business processes and business flow. Implementing new security measures often negatively affect how people work. While all of these things may be true, they don't have to be. We'll show you how adaptive and gradual solutions can increase your security posture considerably while, not dis-orienting your employees. The best security solution for any given security problem is not always the most expensive one, or the most well known one; It is the one that integrates with your business the best while at the same time, meeting all of your security requirements.


What exactly are hackers looking for when they prepare to penetrate your network? How will they most likely penetrate it? What are some of the best ways to prevent most common attacks against your network? What internal attacks are you vulnerable to? These are the questions we'll help your network administrators and information security/assurance teams answer. We specialize in training in the areas of ethical hacking, and forensics. Find out why 3 of our 4 trainers have received the coveted Trainer of Excellence awards from EC Council, who is the vendor of the Certified Ethical Hacker certification. Additionally, all of our trainers are seasoned penetration testers.


Ask any information security professional what is the biggest threat to information security, and they will likely tell you that it's end users, or the people using the computers and technology, more so than the technology itself. While we all know this, most effort put towards educating these end users are minimal in comparison to educating technical staff. We often say you can build the tightest network in the world, but it's all for naught if an uninformed end users gives a hacker the golden key (a password, token, etc.). One problem is that fact that most information security awareness training is boring, and unconvincing. Not the case with Blink's program. Let us conduct security awareness training in your organization and be amazed that your employees will actually look forward to attending again.


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